The Snoo Review

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The Snoo Review

The Snoo!!

Is this thing worth the hype?? Or the outrageous pricetag?

We think maybe it is!

What is The Snoo?

The Snoo is a bassinet with a swaddle and sound machine built in. When baby starts to stir in his sleep, the Snoo gently moves and sways. That movement helps baby get to sleep before he completely wakes up and needs you to get up for another feeding.

We love being in your homes to care for your babies! Sleep is a necessity of life and we love to help you get it. We know you are careful about who you allow to care for your precious baby. We choose only the most loving and nurturing women and we train our doulas well on how to care for these little ones. We arrive rested and ready to care for them during the long nights of those first months. Unfortunately, this high level of service isn’t cheap! Could buying a Snoo save you money on overnight doula services? Maybe! If the Snoo will get your baby sleeping through the night sooner, we would love to see you shorten the time you need our services and save your money.

We Want You to Have the Help You Need

We are booked solid months in advance. We want to help all of you moms but we just can’t get to you all! Our hearts go out to the many moms who call after baby arrives when motherhood ends up being much harder than they expected or their second baby is a high needs baby. Often we just can’t find room in our schedules but we so badly want to help! Moms and doulas are excited about the Snoo and we are hopeful this product might extend our reach so we can help more moms.

What do we love about it?

Baby is on a flat mattress and not in a seat. We have found babies, like us, sleep best laying flat. Do you get your best sleep in your bed or in the recliner? Babies also need a flat sleep space. If you are concerned about reflux, there are ways to angle the mattress without having it wrap around baby’s body or shifting their weight to their bottom.

We also love that the white noise is continuous. So many other white noise machines turn off. Conversely, we love that the movement is NOT continuous. Movement sleep, such as a car ride or swing, is not as restful as still sleep. However, movement is awesome when baby needs a little encouragement staying sleep or getting back to sleep. The Snoo only turns on when baby starts to stir in his sleep.

Lastly, we love the quality of the Snoo. It is beautifully designed and built very well. This article was not sponsored by the Snoo. We just love moms and love products that help you enjoy your beautiful babies to the fullest!

You can see a short video of the Snoo in action here. And you can watch this video to see why it was created and what it does.

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