About After the Stork


About After the Stork

Since 2006, After the Stork has been dedicated to helping families throughout the Greater Philadelphia region adjust to life with a precious newborn. We offer support, education, and assistance for a smooth transition to parenthood.

We know our clients lead very busy lives, and it can be very hard to imagine how you’ll do it all once your baby arrives. We are here to set your mind at ease and to offer assistance in whatever way we can. We love to watch new parents enjoy each day as their baby grows. We specialize in newborn care for both singletons and multiples, lactation and breastfeeding support, postpartum mood disorders, infant sleep challenges, and so much more. Most of all, we are ready and excited to empower you in your new role as a parent.

About Georgette Kerr

GeorgetteGeorgette became a certified postpartum doula and founder of After the Stork out of her strong desire to help new families, and especially moms, during the most challenging months of parenting – the postpartum period.

Postpartum Support

As a mother of four, Georgette knows both the difficulties and joys of motherhood. She is so honored to have the chance to walk with women through this precious but difficult time. She draws upon her own experiences, as well as her extensive training and education, to help guide new moms and dads as they transition to life with a new baby.

Breastfeeding Support

In addition to general postpartum newborn care and parenting support, Georgette and her team of doulas have helped hundreds of moms identify and correct breastfeeding issues. She’s completed breastfeeding courses given by both The Philadelphia Department of Public Health and The Breastfeeding Resource Center, and has observed several lactation coaches in the field; she also makes sure to keep up-to-date with the latest breastfeeding books and information. She has learned to identify when a simple new position or latching technique will correct the problem, or if she should encourage the new mom to seek further help from a lactation consultant.

Infant Sleep Support

Throughout her work with families, Georgette also noticed that many parents had questions about infant sleep habits and how best to establish them. As she is constantly seeking opportunities to better serve her clients, she set out to learn as much as possible about newborns and sleep. She attended the intensive three-month “Gentle Sleep Coach” training course, and makes herself available to all of After the Stork’s clients to guide and troubleshoot through sleep issues at no additional charge.

Hands-On Support to Provide Award-Winning Care

Georgette demonstrates her passion for helping new families every day. She works very closely with her amazing team of doulas to create a small, close-knit family of employees providing the best care possible to her clients. As a hands-on owner with years of childcare experience, she’s developed a knack for matching each family up with the right doula. She loves working with her clients, and she is always available to consult with and advise new parents whenever they need her.