We were extremely happy with After the Stork — from Georgette and Carli to our doulas.  Everyone was caring, professional and wonderful.  Each doula brought something different of value to us and I was very happy with all of them. It was a great decision to work with ATS, from the ability to get some rest and have less “chores” on those nights to what they taught us with tips and tricks along the way.

L.P. Wayne, PA

I could have gone on and on about our doulas.  They were so good to us and I don’t know what I would have done without your services. My husband and I were our best selves with our baby, having been able to sleep and wake up to a tidy house.  I’ll be in touch if I ever need any help in the future. Feel free to give my contact information to anyone who would like to hear about our experience and how great it was.

M.Z., Philadelphia, PA

Working with the doulas at After the Stork was an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone in the area looking to get post partum care in the area.  My husband and I just rave about the service and the time that we had to help me recover, and give my husband the sleep he needed to effectively manage our two year old as well as juggle work.  The help was invaluable.

S.R., Wynnewood, PA

Our doula was wonderful and such a calming presence in our home. We are thankful for everything she taught us about caring for our newborn. She allowed us to get needed rest during a sleepless time and helped us better organize our home to take care of our baby moving forward. The advice she gave us was so helpful, which we have learned is not always the case when it comes to people weighing in about your baby! We would recommend her whole-heartedly to any family.

L.E., Philadelphia, PA

Thank you all so much! We really would not have made it through without the love and kindness from everyone at After the Stork!

K.B., Newtown, PA

(About their team of doulas) They were all the best! I feel so lucky that we had these 3 night nurses. They all cared SO MUCH. We felt so good each night saying good night to them knowing that our babies were in the best hands. I never had one inkling of a worry or stress when they were here. We are so grateful to them. Thank you for sending us such amazing Doulas! They truly were each a gift!

J.F., Devon, PA

Our doula was awesome! She was full of great information and always made us feel very at ease!

G.Z., Cherry Hill, NJ

I was so blown away by your services and the professionalism of all of your doulas and I sincerely appreciate everything you did to accommodate me as well.

S.L., Gladwyne, PA

After the Stork was a life saver for us.

N.R., Philadelphia, PA

Our doulas were ALL AMAZING and such a great help. I was so happy we had their support to get us through the first 6 weeks with our son! We learned so much from them that we continue to apply!

S.F., Philadelphia, PA