Meet the Team


Meet The Team

After the Stork is proud to employ a passionate, mature team of loving and experienced postpartum doulas who are excited to come into your home and support you and your family.

All of our doulas have extensive experience with children and families. They have each worked with Georgette for many years, and have stayed with After the Stork because they love what they do and the families they meet.

All After the Stork doulas have:

  • Background clearances
  • Reference checks
  • TDAP
  • CPR certification
  • Breastfeeding and lactation support training
  • Experience with postpartum mood disorders
  • Training from Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA) or Doulas of North America (DONA)

In addition, all doulas either hold a national postpartum doula certification from CAPPA or DONA, or they are actively working towards certification. This is typically a two-year process.

We differ from most of the other agencies out there because our postpartum doulas are employees, not subcontractors.  What does this mean?

  • We work as a team to figure out what works best to keep your baby happy and healthy. From trouble-shooting sleep and feeding issues to addressing newborn behavior issues, we work closely together to help minimize conflicting information and recommendations.
  • Georgette works very closely with each doula to make sure things are going well in every home. “If you need multiple doulas, I make sure I am in touch with them to make sure everyone knows what has been working best with your little one.”
  • We hold regular group training sessions so that everyone stays up-to-date and on the same page with the latest research in breastfeeding and lactation, healthy infant sleep habits, bonding, soothing, reflux, infant massage, postpartum mood disorders and more.

Our Postpartum Doulas:

Francie has been a postpartum doula since 2008. She enjoys working with all of the families, and especially with the babies. “Each baby is different, with their sweet and new Read More
Danielle became a postpartum doula in 2006 because of her passion for working with children. She has twin daughters and knows the struggle and stresses that new parents face, especially Read More
Joyce is the mom of two boys and has been a postpartum doula since August 2012. She says she enjoys it “because it is rewarding to help moms and families Read More
Alison loves working with people, and she says that helping families when they have a new baby is “a dream come true” for her. While she has been a postpartum Read More
Beth has a passion for helping and empowering women to be the best moms they can be, which is why she became a postpartum doula in 2013. “I know firsthand Read More
Diane has been a postpartum doula since April 2012. “I became a doula because I absolutely love babies and meeting such wonderful families.” When she is not working, Diane enjoys Read More
Christy loves being a postpartum doula, and enjoys helping and teaching new parents everything they need to know about their new role. Before becoming a doula, Christy spent 15 years Read More
Kathy is a trained RN who specialized in maternity and newborn nursery. “I enjoy being able to use this experience to help me when working as a postpartum doula.” Kathy Read More
Anita has worked with children and babies for years. She especially loves working with newborns and has a great passion for guiding their growth to ensure they reach essential developmental Read More
As the mother of three daughters, and grandmother of two grandsons, Pam became a postpartum doula to share her life and newborn experience with young families as they begin their Read More
Lora is a mother of school-age triplets and a former client of After The Stork.  She loves babies and is happy to be able to “pay forward” the loving care Read More
Grace is a CAPPA trained doula & mother to 2 lovely girls. She has worked as a preschool & kindergarten teacher. Since joining the After the Stork team, Grace has Read More
Kelsy is the mother of four school age children. She loves babies and helping new moms and dads as they add a new baby into their home and life. Kelsy Read More
Jenna has always enjoyed working with children, especially newborn babies. She has been in the Neonatal field for 4 years and she found so much joy in being a part Read More
Melissa has always had a love for children and especially for babies. She has an Elementary Education degree and taught pre-k for 10 years before having her three children, who Read More
Fran has worked with children for over thirty years. She was excited to become a postpartum doula in January 2014 because she gets to do what she loves: work with Read More
Samantha loves being a postpartum doula because she truly enjoys helping moms and dads gain self confidence in their new, important roles as parents. A mother of four happy and Read More
Christa is the mother of 5 children, and she has been working with children for years. She has her degree in early childhood education and loves volunteering in her church Read More