Expecting Multiples?


Expecting Multiples? Let After the Stork Help!

The news that you’re expecting multiples can be exciting and scary. The thought of just what to do with more than one newborn can be enough to overwhelm anyone. Let After the Stork’s experienced team of dedicated doulas help make your transition to parenting multiples an easy one!

We specialize in working with multiples. About half of our clients are parents of twins, and Georgette’s very first After the Stork client was a set of quadruplets! While some of our experienced doulas are mothers of twins themselves, many on our team have the expertise and knowledge necessary to face the unique challenges of caring for multiple babies.

For families with multiples, our focus is on:

  • Teaching you how to care for more than one baby at a time
  • Pointing out the differences in your babies and helping you recognize their individuality
  • Assisting the breastfeeding mom with how to breastfeed multiples, and helping her continue to breastfeed (sometimes for up to a year or longer)
  • Helping maintain the milk supply while also maximizing mom’s much-needed sleep
  • Soothing one baby while the other breastfeeds
  • Developing a system to get parents and babies comfortable and in a routine
  • Working on a sleep routine for the babies, especially during months four and five
  • Helping to cut down on the housework (doing laundry, making bottles, straightening up) so you can devote your energy towards spending time with your babies

Expecting multiples? Contact us to find out how we can help!